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Yodel Study Shows One in Four Brits Get ''On Their Bike"

Yodel Study Shows One in Four Brits Get ''On Their Bike"

Aviva Tour of Britain logistics partner and sprints sponsor, Yodel, has today revealed that British cycling is continuing to rise, with over a quarter of the population now cycling regularly (25.4 per cent) and 35.6 per cent of consumers saying that the 2012 Olympics inspired them to either take up cycling or to cycle more.

Men are more likely to be keen cyclists than women, and by far the most inspired group is the under 18s, with almost half (47.4 per cent) of youngsters citing the London 2012 Olympics as their motivation to get pedaling.

Using its award-shortlisted customer feedback programme, ' Have Your Say', Yodel surveyed 2,702 consumers about their cycling habits in the run up to the Tour of Britain, which kicks off this Sunday, September 6th, in North Wales and ends in London on September 13th.

While the majority of respondents cycle as a means of keeping fit (65.8 per cent), Yodel's research also found that over a third (34.3 per cent) of 18-24 year olds cycle to work, with nearly 30 per cent (29.8 per cent) of this age group stating that they get on their bikes to reduce their impact on the environment.

Figures are fairly consistent across the country but those living in the East of England are the most likely to cycle (33.1 per cent), while their neighbours in the South East are the least likely (21.6 per cent). Residents of Yorkshire and the Humber are also keen cyclists (31.9 per cent) and of course Yorkshire now hosts its own Tour.

This is the sixth year that Yodel has sponsored the Tour of Britain. The eight day event is the UK's premier road cycling race and sees 20 world class teams of six professional riders cover a different part of the country each day. The final line up for this year has yet to be announced but will include Olympic Champions Sir Bradley Wiggins, Ed Clancy and Peter Kennaugh, plus sprint superstars Mark Cavendish and Andre Griepel.

Each stage features three intermediate Yodel sprint sections. Considered some of the most exciting parts of each stage, the cyclists battle it out for the fastest sprint, to claim bonus points that can take seconds off their overall race time. The winner of each stage sprints will have the honour of wearing the official Yodel sprints jersey the following day (see above image).

Dick Stead, executive chairman of Yodel, said: "The increased profile of professional cycling, through events like the 2012 Olympics and Tour of Britain, has had a monumental impact on cycling in this country and the likes of Sir Bradley Wiggins and Mark Cavendish have encouraged more of us to cycle to get fit and be green.

"Yodel is pleased to be sponsoring the Tour of Britain for a sixth consecutive year, and the Yodel sprints, with their focus on speed, team work and efficiency, promise to be as entertaining and competitive as ever."

Delivering 155 million parcels a year, on behalf of the UK's top retailers, including approximately 700,000 bicycles and cycle parts, Yodel will be responsible for transporting the Tour's equipment around the country.

To see the Yodel sprints action, tune into ITV, ITV4 and British Eurosport from Sunday.

August 2015

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